Saturday, May 1, 2010

37 1/2 Weeks

It has been a while since I have given your guys some pictures of the belly, and after many requests, I have finally taken some. I know that I am huge so you don't need to remind me! ;)

The Nursery!

Ok so I know that it has been forever since I have posted, but when you just keep getting bigger and bigger, it is not fun to keep documenting with pictures. But I will give you an update of the belly soon. This post I wanted to show you the nursery! I LOVE IT!! It is not completely finished because I want to wait to put a few more decorative things once we know this little one's name and have some pictures of it, and know the gender and things like that. But... about a month ago my parents came up to help us get the house rearranged and set up for the baby. Brandon and I didn't know how much we would like our new set up, but we love it! Here are some pictures of the baby's room.

One of my favorite things are the french doors walking into the room!

The dresser/ changing table.

I love the crib!

This is the bedding. Pretty neutral eh?

And then saving my favorite part till last, where I will get to spend a lot of time bonding with my sweet child. The rocker and "nursing" station!

So, that's it! I can't wait to actually start using this room! Hopefully it will be in the near, near future!