Sunday, October 30, 2011


Levi seems to be a very coordinated little boy. He loves to kick soccer balls, throw ANY kind of balls, and this past weekend he tried his first go at golf! Haha!
He is just cute and funny. The previous owners of our house left LOTS of stuff here. Most of it is just plain annoying, but they did leave this golf club, which is not AS annoying. Anyways, we got some use out of it ;).

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


This past weekend was such a fun time. We didn't do anything that interesting, but it was just nice. The weather was great and we spent all day Saturday outside in the backyard, literally! :) Brandon put up a swing that we inherited from my sister so that Levi can now swing in our backyard. (Because walking across the street in the the front is just too far sometimes! Ha!) Levi loves it! We have been out to swing everyday since then.

After we got the swing all set up, Brandon was doing some yard work and Levi decided that he needed help! :)

I hope you enjoyed the videos!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Our Family is Bigger!

The Atkinson family is now bigger! (not because of me! haha!) Our sister and bro-in-law had a baby about 7 weeks ago. Wesely James Carter was born on September 3rd, really early in the morning. He is so cute and sweet doesn't really look like Levi at all! Haha! He has his daddy's hair and his mama's face, for the most part. He is so cute and we just love him so much already. We have only gotten to see him once, and wish it could be more, but that's just life. Welcome to the family Wes, it's a great family to be a part of! We love you!

Wes in the hospital, a few hours old.

One-ish week old.

One week old.

Grammy with her grandsons. Levi - 16 months, Wes - 3 weeks old!

6 Weeks old! So big and cute!

LOVE that smile! :)

Friday, October 21, 2011


As some of you may know, Levi loves SHOES!!! Shoes was one of Levi's first words. Maybe because he loves going places so he knows that if he needs to put his shoes on then that means that he is going to get to go somewhere. Well, recently cousin Jack graciously passed down some gently used clothes and such to Levi. Thanks Jack! (and Lea :)) Well, in the big bag 'o stuff were slippers. I knew immediately when I saw them that Levi would love them. Not only are they "shoes" but they look like the go "ROOOAAARRR!" (Levi's other favorite word). Well he DID love them and has not wanting to take them off!

See, he doesn't look happy at all! ;)

Thanks for all the hand-me-down's Arnolds, especially these fun slippers!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Catch-up Time!

So I have been terribly bad about updating the blog. Sorry! I have gotten a couple requests lately to do some updating so I am going to try to do better. Levi is growing and changing so much. He really is turning into a little boy instead of a baby. Kinda sad, but fun as well. There are definitely nice things about him getting so big. He plays by himself pretty well now, at 17 months, and if it has been a few minutes since he has seen me, he runs up and gives me a huge hug! :) I like that!

He is really into giving real kisses. He even makes the kissing sound and everything! He is a very affectionate and loving boy. Levi even tries to give Grammy and Grandpa and Ashley kisses over the video chat! HAHA!

This is his kissy face!

Levi is now talking up a storm. Mostly still gibberish but he also says quite a few words pretty clearly. I feel like he is a little advanced in his speech but maybe not. Here is a list of the words that he says: dog, dada, mama, papa, shoes, park, watch, out, bye-bye, ummmm, night-night, ball, bird, meow, rooooaaarr!, ow, wow!, walk, Ira, Nile, hi, water, "It's a dog". I think that that is about it but he is learning new words everyday. He is very into repeating things that you say, so if you are ever around him, watch what comes out of your mouth! Don't say the word p-a-r-k unless you are willing to go! Haha!

Brandon is such a fun Daddy and loves playing with Levi. Levi just adores Daddy and he shows it too! Anytime the door opens during the day, and I say "Who's here Levi?" He drops whatever he is holding or doing and runs to the door because he knows that it is his daddy. He gives him a huge hug and smile. It's sweet!

Another thing that shows that Brandon is an awesome daddy is how much Levi loves playing with him. Levi is really into balls and throwing and catching them. We have two footballs, yea that's right, two. Haha! Anyways, Brandon started doing the infamous, "Down, Set, Hut!" with the football in his low voice. They play this a lot that now, whenever Levi picks up the football he says any three syllables of his choosing in the deepest voice he can make! With the pauses and everything! It is sooo funny! I can't believe that he is so smart and picked this up! I want to try to get this on video!

We love our sweet little boy and who he is growing up to be!