Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Zoo Visit!

Over Thanksgiving we went to Tyler to visit my side of the family. We had a great time! While we were there we went to the Tyler zoo. Levi loves animals and well, it is fun to watch him because he loves them so much. I got some great shots of him feeding the birds and petting the goats. All the animals that were behind the glass or cage were a little bit harder for Levi to really connect with. You know, he is definitely a feeler so the fact that he couldn't touch them (and rightfully so!) he didn't show as much interest. He like the birds and goats the best. But we thought all the animals were cool! Especially the giraffes!

It's Christmas Time!

I have always liked Christmas, but this year I fell IN LOVE with this time of year! :) All because of our sweet little Levi! Doing all the Christmas festivities is so much more fun once you have a baby! Seeing his face light up and hearing his expressions when we pull out the different decorations and such was soooo much fun! We started the night with going to get our tree. We just went to Lowe's this year, instead of going to a tree lot like Brandon did growing up, because we wanted to get a nice, cheap tree. We found a great one! :) Then once the tree was up and placed and we had reconfigured our den, Brandon started to put the lights on while I made some hot chocolate from scratch! It was very yummy!
I was able to get some great video of him during our decorating time. They are kinda on the longer side, but I just loved watching him. I can see now why Brandon's family had lots of traditions around Christmas decorating because it is really fun. I know that I will always want to do these things every year now too!

Here is a pic of the final product. Not great quality because it is with my phone and during the day, but you can get the idea! :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Beach! :D

Earlier this month we got the opportunity to go with my family to the beach in Florida! Well, Levi and I did. Brandon had to stay home because of work. :( I did feel bad most of the time that Bran had to miss it because it was Levi's first time really encountering the beach and everything with it! He LOVED everything about it! The sand, the water, his cousins. I wasn't really sure if he would like the water because he doesn't usually like things splashing up on him. But he did like it! He loved everything about the sand. He would just want to roll around in it and hold it and throw it. He was basically in heaven to a 1 1/2 year old! :) I have a couple of really cute videos of our time. I hope you enjoy watching them! :)