Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Growing Up!

Levi seems to be growing in leaps and bounds! It is fun to watch. Even though I have not posted a lot recently, I have been capturing a lot of it on video and camera. So, I put together a little video of some cute moments this past month. He is just too cute for words sometimes, but then again, I'm biased! :)


We just went down to visit Oklahoma City and had a great time all around. It was fun to see my family, but most of all, fun to get to see Levi interact with his cousins! I have known for a while now that Levi loves to play with friends, but it was REALLY evident this trip! :) Levi and Nile were pretty much inseparable and it was adorable. I put together a video of some of the highlights of their time together. (If you think it is long, you should see how much footage I did NOT put in there! Haha!) We did do some other things during the trip, but that is for another post. I want to focus on the "cousin cuteness!"

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cousin Time!

On the same visit mentioned in the previous post, I also got to visit my sister Lea and her family, since they live in Shreveport now. Levi has recently become so social and interactive with other little kids, and I was finally able to catch some of his joy on camera! This is just a little glimpse of how much fun Levi has with other little kids!

Levi swinging with Lea and Tate. Jack is in the background oblivious to the fun being had behind him! :)

Levi LOVED swinging with Tate! I'm so glad I got this on camera!

And of course he loves his Aunt Lea!
Mimi and Papa were also there. I just thought that I would include this just to mark that they were there too!


Levi and I just returned from a visit to Shreveport/Mansfield, LA. We were only there a short time, but it was good. Our main reason for the visit was to see my grandfather, Pop. He has recently become sick so I wanted to see him and a spend some time with him because we are not sure how many more times we will get to see him. We had a sweet time at the farm. Levi liked being there and I hope that Pop liked us being there! :) I got to snap a few shots of us and Pop.
Pop is 91 and still "works" out in the woods! I am so blessed to have a grandfather like Pop!