Sunday, June 24, 2012


Well, I always knew that I wasn't very awesome at keeping the blog updated, but I am really feeling it this week.  There are so many fun things about Levi and the fam that I just feel overwhelmed to be able to share them all.  I will just try to tackle it a little bit at a time.

Levi is in such a fun stage!  He has become VERY verbal and communicating very well.  He really is very articulate and wants to tell you everything that he thinks about.  He will keep saying the sentence over and over until you repeat it to him correctly.  I mean who doesn't like to know that they are understood? :)  My favorite phrase that he says all the time is "All daboard!" when playing with trains.  Brandon's favorite is "Daddy, where ahh yoooouu??" when playing a game with him.  They are both very cute! :)

He is also a very good eater lately and been eating pretty much anything.  Veggies, meat, rice, "noodies" or noodles.  He is really growing and getting so big.  So big that in fact this pregnant mama is having a hard time carrying him around a bunch. :)

Levi is still VERY affectionate and loving.  We just really can't get enough of his hugs and kisses and "I love you's".  This two-year-old is just my favorite two-year-old around!  I love you Levi!

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