Monday, June 25, 2012

The Old Stomping Grounds

Earlier in June we got to fly up to Crystal Lake to visit Brandon's side of the family (minus Chel since she was traveling Europe.  Poor Chel :)).  We had a very fun filled, and completely packed trip.  I did not get pics of everything that we did, but here are some from what I did get to capture.  

We rode the train to visit Grandpa at work and eat lunch.  This was BEFORE he actually saw the train or heard it coming, we were still waiting.

For those of you who don't know, Levi has always been very sensitive to loud noises.  So the train coming  and honking was quite frightening for him.  Despite of his loves for trains.  It ended up fine once we were actually on the train, but once he sees it coming, he get very upset.  Even now, when he hears a train horn, he gets a little nervous.  Hopefully that won't stay around too long. :)  Here is a video of once we were on the train.

This is when we actually got to Grandpa's work.  
Levi, Wes, and Grandpa!

Walking around the tracks waiting to go home.

The whole fam at lunch! :)

Levi and Wes getting a bedtime story read to them by Grandpa.

He loves his cousin Wes!  I can't wait to see him love on his little brother! :)

We also went swimming at the lake and down to St. Charles where we used to live to reminise.  Those were some of the things that no pictures were taken, at least by me.  We had a great time and Levi loved being there.  He got to play and play and play and he just can't get enough of his Grandpa. :)  We all really enjoy our family!

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